8 Reasons to Join the Sales Team at Name Brand Promotions


We are not in our industry to compete, survive or make-do, we leave that to our competitors. Our goal is to reinvent the promotional product & branded merchandise industry. By delivering class-leading creativity, outstanding customer service, retail grade product design, digital and physical resources, we shatters the shackles of commodity. We are fully vested in becoming the very best in our business.


Our goal is to grow career sales professionals. This is not ‘just a job’. You can except to receive training in all areas of business. Yes, you will learn how to sell. You will also gain understanding into supply chain management, overseas importing and trend analysis. You will learn the key to creative services and how to ensure brand-integrity for your clients. All of these skills will compliment your growth as a sales professional. While accountability is individual, we grow and fail as a team. We use weekly sales meetings & monthly kick-offs to ensure we share our trial and tribulations.

To further support your growth, we make daily training a pre-requisite for employment. You will receive unlimited access to Grant Cardone’s VT Training system. Our entire team must use this EVERYDAY. This improves our sales skills; you can expect to advance in areas such as mindset, prospecting, cold-calling, attitude, world-class customer service; you’ll even learn tactics for creating personal wealth and healthy personal-financial habits.


No punches pulled; we work HARD. We are committed to our sales goals and the only way to meet these is with outstanding service, ideation and effort. If you are looking to develop a true sales-career, take control of your financial future, then our team may well be for you.

We love to laugh, collaborate and share both our wins and losses. You may find us discussing these trials and tribulations in the office, the gym, at a sales meeting, on a hike or even river plunge. You’ll never find us discussing these at the ping-pong table, or at a bar downtown. Never. No really, like never at one of the last two places…


No-one would enter a sales career unless they were motivated to achieve control of their financial future. Once trained, we want to reward your effort, perseverance and results with one of the best commission packages in our industry.


Wait a minute, is this a sales position, or a creative job? BOTH. That’s right, we believe that to be the best at anything requires creativity. Whether you are seeking new ways to creatively approach your prospects, designing campaigns, launching retail-grade promotional product, or, removing kinks on your projects supply chain, they all require… creativity. This is a secret sauce we live by.


We are truly blessed with some of the most amazing clients in our industry. We match their faith in Name Brand, and the and opportunities they grace us, with a uniquely honest approach, hyper creative ideas and a relentless commitment to delivering product on-budget & on-time. Every time.


Do you have goals? Are they monthly, yearly, or life goals? Are they written down? How often do you review these? The more specific the destination, the more specific the plan to get there. We want our team to want to live a great life, creating abundance in all aspects of your life.


While you may start within inside-sales, we have a clear road map for the growth of our sales reps. Successful inside reps progress to Outside (Territory) reps who travel to their clients frequently. Additional opportunities open up for the very best, from possible relocation to oversee your own brick & mortar Name Brand office, with a fully functioning warehouse and support staff. Like we alluded to in Point #1… THINK HUGE.


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