Businesses Get More ROI with Studio-Level Hat Design

Most companies understand that branded promotional hats can be an insanely effective marketing tool. An artfully custom hat serves as a high-value conversation starter. A desirable brand symbol. An elevator pitch disguised as must-have apparel. ROI with a brim.

A custom hat can be all of these things — or none of them. We’ve all seen drab, mundane promo hats built with cheap materials and hardly any customization. They collect dust in people’s closets alongside flimsy logoed Frisbees, ill-fitting corporate T-shirts and leaky water bottles. Shoddily crafted hats may come at a low price, but they also deliver shockingly minimal positive vibes about your company.

Fantastic, drool-inducing hats are a must-have promo item, but there are several questions to answer.
“Who has the skills and experience to design our hat?”
“How much extra will we have to pay for a great, highly custom hat?”
“Does our organization have enough time to plan and manage a custom hat project?”

Basically, your company needs custom hats that draw “oohs” and “ahhs,” but within roughly the budget you’re accustomed to. A few factors make this possible:

Built-In Design Studio Services for Free

It’s rare, but finding a custom hat company that provides built-in, high-end design services at no extra charge is big-time. It also simply makes a lot of sense, considering that many businesses don’t have the time or resources to fret over every teeny tiny hat design detail. When a vendor provides design studio services and expertise for free, it’s a game-changer.

Heaps of Decoration Options

Today’s outrageously good promo hats go far beyond cool front patches. Outside of making your hat fly, a high-end custom hat vendor can turn just about any vision into reality. Think bolder. Think:

  • On-brand icons printed on the bill and inside fabric
  • Your tagline subtly spread across the interior taping
  • Woven tags and labels that actually stand out
  • Unique fabric combinations
  • 3D or flat embroidery on the front, side, back, etc.
  • Retail-grade quality

Experience, Relationships and Passion

An exceptional design team and tons of customization options are super important, but it’s all rubbish unless your company can get the other-worldly hat you want at the price you asked for. It’s important to find a vendor with many years of experience in the promo industry, tons of connections and no desire for the status quo.

Name Brand Promotions: A Unique Model for Custom Hats

Free design studio services and vast customization options uniquely enable Name Brand Promotions to accommodate different business scenarios, deadlines and cost constraints along a sliding scale of custom hat options.

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