New Products to Reach Your Goals

The Perfect Products to Help You Crush Your Goals


It’s a new year, and everywhere you look, someone is trying to convince you to uproot your old ways and start some new healthy habits. While we’re definitely in support of health, we know just how difficult it can be. That’s why we believe that incorporating new things into your life should be as seamless as possible. And these products help you do exactly that!


It’s easier to stick to your fitness goals when you have great equipment. A quality yoga mat and foam roller are two important pieces to help you exercise and recover well. Plus, with simple branding added, you guarantee that whoever uses these items will think of your brand fondly when they look back at the progress they’ve made.


Staying hydrated and energized is super important whether you’re getting ready to start a workout or just want to live a healthy life. With these branded bottles, you have the option to fill them with pre-workout, a protein shake, or just plain H2O. The choice is yours!


Lightweight and easy to use, resistance bands are a great way to increase the intensity of your workouts from anywhere. They’re great for beginners and pros alike as they come in a variety of strengths. Plus, they’re inexpensive which makes them a great tool that nearly anyone can have access to.


Although water is highly accessible in most areas of the world, the quality of that water is another story. With a quality water filter, you can remove dirt and toxins from your drinking water in order to keep yourself healthy.


One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is to get organized. Though this may seem like a daunting task, with a goals journal, it’s easier than you think! With this product, you can take organization one day at a time and focus more easily on what needs to be done. You’re one step closer every day!

To order any of these products for your team, contact us at (208) 996-0906. Need more product inspiration? Check out our last new product blog post with more ideas for you to look through.

Name Brand: The Enemy of Intangibles

Name Brand: The Enemy of Intangibles

From click to ship, we design, manufacture, and deliver custom branded products for brands all over the world. We partner with companies of all sizes to help them create products for their marketing and gifting needs.

We are thankful for every company that chooses to partner with us, and we wish we could feature every project we work on! However, in the spirit of brevity, we decided to compile a few to give you a snapshot of what this year entailed. We’ll continue to feature more of our favorite projects in future blog posts, so stay tuned!

Project Highlight: Sony VIP 90s Throwback Kits

A Throwback to the Classics

Client: Sony Pictures Television

Services used for this project: Ideation, Creative Design, Shipping, and Fulfillment

We take a creative approach with solving problems for brands looking to grow. From individual products to full campaigns, we make it happen.

Sony wanted to celebrate their classic shows from the last few decades in a premium gift that would go to their VIPs. The challenge was finding a way to bring these shows together in a cohesive way through design and product selection. Though each show was released in a different era, we united them using a “throwback” theme and pitched a kit that included 90’s-themed candy, a RetroViewer with reels, and a decorated box. These items gave recipients strong feelings of nostalgia while also highlighting the shows that were featured.

After the items were chosen, our team began design the box, RetroViewer, and reels using their assets. The challenge was taking these already-designed pieces and merging them into a new format. By doing our research and understanding the needs of the client, we gave them a kit that blew their socks off. The box and reels featured images from the shows, so the recipients felt completely immersed in the experience of these classic titles.

These kits impressed the sales and marketing staff to a degree that had not been done before. Our client raved about how well-received the gifts were and how well it made them look to other departments at Sony. In the past, these teams have been disappointed with the quality their vendors have provided them. In comparison, the quality of our kit stood out so much that they decided to partner with us more in the future. We love when we’re able to make our clients look good.

Project Highlight: Simplot Fall Harvest Kit

Bringing Home the Fries

Client: J.R. Simplot Company

Services used for this project: Creative Design, Product Sourcing, Shipping, and Fulfillment

We take a creative approach with solving problems for brands looking to grow. From individual products to full campaigns, we specialize in developing unique solutions to fit our client’s needs.

Every year, Simplot hosts a fall harvest festival for their clients. In the past, they would fly everyone in and give them tours of the factories. However, to keep their employees and clients safe, Simplot opted to make this year’s festival a virtual experience.

We partnered with Simplot to create a gift that would be sent to each attendee. This gift would take the “process of the potato” and recreate it visually through illustration and typography. While Simplot provided all the information about how their factory works, our creative team was responsible for turning it into a graphic that was fun to look at. So, our creative team got to work by researching this complex process and distilling it into unique parts.

Our goal was to make it fun and informational; something that those attending would understand and display. With McDonald’s being one of the largest customers attending this virtual experience, we gave the artwork a nod towards their brand using red and gold throughout the pieces.

Once the graphic was approved, we applied it thoughtfully to a journal, tumbler, and hat. The entire kit was packaged in a branded, padded mailer. With our expertise in fulfillment and shipping, we were able to handle this project internally from start to finish.

By partnering with us, Simplot made their event fun and memorable despite it being held virtually. With our creative services, they were able to create something unique to send out that their attendees can keep and use for years to come–always thinking of the Simplot brand when they see them. This year, Simplot really did ‘bring home the fries’ in a major way.

New Products We’re Thankful For

Stay Gift-y my Friends


It’s that time again–the holidays. From eating endless sweets to decorating the house, at some point you’re supposed to find the right gift to send to your employees. Well, sit back and relax, because we’ve got you covered with these 5 products perfect for anyone on your team.


From outdoor work to indoor warmth, this brand of apparel really does it all. With stylish details and brand customization, you can give your team members a gift that shows how much you care.


Complete with a beautiful wood box, this wine set is a high-end gift perfect for this time of year. Subtly etch your logo onto the glasses, bottle, and box for a timeless look.


Ever wish you could rearrange the pages in your notebook? Well, now you can! With a magnetic strip along every page, you can remove and replace pages in the exact order you want! Plus, with the additional refill sheets, you can continue using this notebook for years to come.


The last thing you want to worry about when prepping food is that inevitable drip of juice that runs off the board and onto your floor. This cutting board is built to prevent that with a juice-catching lip. Plus, you can add your brand to it for a totally customized look.


Watch the weather change from the comfort of your desk! The storm glass is filled with crystals that change pattern along with the weather. This unique gift is sure to amaze anyone who receives it.

To order any of these products for your team, contact us at (208) 996-0906. Still need some inspiration? Check out our blog post from last month with more gift ideas.

Project Highlight: Clearwater Webstore

A Different Approach to Sending Gifts

Client: Clearwater Analytics

Services used for this project: Product Sourcing, Webstore Creation & Management, Shipping, and Fulfillment

We take a creative approach with solving problems for brands looking to grow. From individual products to full campaigns, we specialize in developing unique solutions to fit our client’s needs.

Clearwater Analytics wanted to send out a gift to their employees to show their appreciation for their hard work and dedication during this difficult year.

When they approached us with the project, they were looking for a way to simplify the process of getting these gifts into their employees’ hands–a more difficult task than usual with everyone working remotely. These types of giveaways tend to put a lot of pressure on the client, as they have to make sure they collect each employee’s information, submit it to the vendor, and then cross their fingers, hoping each person gets what they actually wanted.

To solve their problem, we built an online store that completely transformed the gift-giving process. Each employee simply visited the store, selected their gift, and entered in their own size and mailing information. This removed all of burden from the Clearwater team. Instead of the intense process described above, the store ensured that the employee picked exactly what they wanted and where they wanted it to go. All the information was captured and attached to the order, so it was guaranteed to be correct and eliminated the complicated process of collecting it all by hand.

After simplifying the ordering process, we turned our attention to shipping and fulfillment. With employees located around the world, we had to consider the most effective shipping method for Clearwater’s budget and timeline. Would it be better to keep things separated and send each box individually? Or should we consider a bulk shipment to each international Clearwater location and have the location distribute the individual shipments? We ultimately decided the most cost-effective route was shipping bulk. We helped streamline that process as much as possible by making sure each individual package had the necessary information on it for the recipient of the bulk shipment to easily distribute it.

In previous years, Clearwater handled this project internally, which put a lot of stress on their internal team. This involved ordering the product, waiting for it to arrive, then spreading out everything on the floor of their gymnasium and hand-assembling hundreds of boxes to send out. By letting us handle the ideation, creative, and logistics of the project, we were able to take all of the burden off their team while improving on the product quality and creativity. Now all their team has to do is sit back, relax, and wait for the boxes to arrive at their doorsteps!

Celebrate Anywhere with Stress-Free Graduation Kits

Celebrate Your Students Where They Are with Stress-Free Graduation Kits


One thing that’s become evident in 2020 is that the only constant is change. Around the world, colleges and universities are doing their best to figure out how to move forward with educating students while keeping everyone safe and healthy.

While graduations will still happen, what will they look like? In-person ceremonies would be ideal, but many are looking for a more socially distanced option. Every college and university is unique, but their goal with graduation is the same–to celebrate their students! So how do you recreate the excitement of a ceremony in students’ homes all over the world? With graduation kits!


Graduation kits allow students to celebrate this major accomplishment anywhere. We’re here to take the burden of this process completely off of your shoulders. How exactly do we do that?


We work with you to identify what you need and provide the perfect product solution. By using our team, you have the ability to create a custom kit that will perfectly embody your university’s brand (hello CLC Approval!) and wow your students. This may all sound like a pipe dream that’s totally out of your price point–but we can work with any budget! High-quality, unique, on-brand products are not as out of reach as they may seem.


Regardless of how many products you order, getting them ready to distribute can be a huge task. Instead of putting the pressure on your team to assemble everything you’ve ordered into custom boxes, let us handle it! We receive, pack, and ship your products so you can sit back and relax. Our team handles these types of jobs every day, so we know exactly how to ship your products to fit your budget and timeline. Have students located outside the U.S.? Great! We’re experts at international shipping and can handle all of the details involved.

This video was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic. We have implemented procedures, such as mask-wearing, to ensure that each project going through our facility is handled with the highest sanitary standards.



We understand that budgets are tight and not everyone is looking for a graduation kit. However, if this does apply to you, let’s start making your life easier. We handle the details, and you get all the credit! Interested in learning more about graduation kits? Fill out the form below!



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    New Products: Holiday Edition

    5 Festive Products to Get Your Team in the Holiday Spirit


    Finding the right gift can seem like an impossible task, especially when that gift is going to completely different people. That’s where we come in! Our team specializes in finding the perfect product for you. So, to help you out, we’ve rounded up a list of our 5 favorite new products for this holiday season. When you’re looking for a gift that says, “I appreciate you,” any product on this list will do the trick.


    These adorable, hand poured candles bring meticulous detail and a delicious smell to your desk. Available in two different scents, you can choose from a group of cacti or a delicate poppy for a fun, festive gift.


    When’s the last time you sanitized your phone? Well, wonder no more with this handy product. Charge and clean your smartphones, watches, and headphones wireless. You can also use this product to sterilize your keys, masks, makeup, and other household items in minutes. Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

    3. COZY KIT

    Custom knitwear keeps your employees cozy and reminds them you care. Our team is capable of providing you with the look you want, whether it’s subtle branding or vibrant colors. By pairing your brand with retail-grade products, you give your employees a quality gift that says, “You’re a quality addition to this company.”


    These stylish blankets are the definition of warmth and comfort. Made of faux micro fur and faux lambswool, these blankets will be a welcome gift for anyone in your company. Plus, the 4 available buffalo plaid patterns ensure that everyone will get the exact style they’re looking for.


    This extraordinary kit truly shows your appreciation. With the high-quality materials, tasteful branding, and retail-grade packaging, your employees will know how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication.

    To order any of these products for your team, contact us at (208) 996-0906. If you’re looking to provide multiple gift options at an affordable price point, look no further than our webstores! Webstores streamline your holiday gift-giving so that everyone on your team gets exactly what they want while eliminating the need for you to gather any of this information yourself. If you’re interested in learning more about holiday gift webstores, click the link below!

    Holiday Webstores Make Gift Giving Easy

    3 Ways Holiday Webstores Make Gift Giving Easy


    This year has been tough. With much of the world going through a months-long quarantine, employees are feeling more and more disconnected, and that’s why giving them an amazing, culture-building company gift makes so much sense right now!

    If you want to send a holiday gift but don’t know what will work for every individual, we’ve got your back! With a custom webstore, they can select their product, their correct size and enter their mailing address so you don’t have to endure the hassle of hunting it all down yourself.


    Tell us what you have in mind and we can recommend world class items for your custom holiday gift. With a webstore, you can offer your employees or clients a selection of products to choose from without having to order any ahead of time. This allows you to order the exact amount of product you need, saving you time and money.


    By having your people order through a webstore, their product selection, size, and shipping address are recorded by our online system. This makes it easy to see who’s picked their gift, who hasn’t picked their gift, and where everything is going, so you don’t have to collect a single piece of information.


    We receive, pack, and ship your products so you can sit back, relax, and wait for the emails to come through thanking you.

    Webstores are perfect for holiday gifts but can also be used to streamline any product giveaway. If you’re interested in learning more about holiday gifts and why they’re vitally important for your business this season, click the link below!

    Project Highlight: SimpleNexus

    Getting Back in Black

    Client: SimpleNexus

    Services used for this project: Product Sourcing, Shipping & Fulfillment

    We take a creative approach with solving problems for brands looking to grow. We are more than custom branded merchandise. From individual products to full campaigns, we specialize in developing unique solutions to fit our client’s needs.

    SimpleNexus wanted to send their employees a fun gift to celebrate the start of the third quarter. The client developed the rock’ n roll theme of “Back in Black” to signify their goal for that quarter. We put our creative minds to work and found a selection of products that were flat and light, allowing us to keep the delivered project under budget by using an under-pound USPS shipping rate. The final items included a branded t-shirt, neck gaiter, vinyl coaster, and guitar pick. Paired with the vinyl coaster was a custom-printed miniature record sleeve for the coaster to slide into. A printed card was included with fun branding and the details of the next all-company meeting.

    With a tight timeline, we had to get creative with how we would purchase and ship these kits. In order to meet their deadline, we expedited the freight for bulk so that we could fulfill the larger volume of individual shipments with the least expensive method–USPS Priority.

    Our logistics services were important for this project because they allowed us to fulfill and ship these kits to all their individual employees’ homes by their deadline. The outcome? Employees were so excited to find this package at their door and eagerly shared photos of their branded swag on social media.


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