Gear Up and Get Outside!

Gear Up and Get Outside!


Now that Summer’s in full swing, it’s time to take advantage of the warm weather and holiday weekends. According to a research study commissioned by Lenovo, “just 29 minutes spent outdoors results in a 45% increase in productivity.” (source) Now, that’s no small figure! With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to help your team maximize their time outdoors and the products listed below will help you with that task. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get exploring!

1. Carsule

This amazing product allows you to turn any vehicle with a raised tailgate into an outdoor living space. Whereas traditional tents force you to sit on the ground, the Carsule gives you space to stand, sit, and move around comfortably. Plus, it folds down to a small size, so you still have room for all the other necessities that you need for a weekend (or longer!) adventure.

2. Multi-tool

When you’re exploring, you want to be prepared for any situation, and this multi-tool helps you with that! This handy gadget includes a bike spoke key, a screwdriver tip, serrated edge, can opener, wire stripper, and more. It even includes a smoking pipe to light up and relax with after the job is done.

3. Beef Jerky

A great snack makes all the difference when you’re on the go. With a high protein content and a variety of flavors, this tasty beef jerky will have every meat-lover ready to tear open a bag.

4. LED Head Lamp

Whether you’re camping, hiking, or just looking for those keys you dropped, a headlamp is a handy tool to have. With a wide range of illumination and a low profile fit, this will be the last headlamp you’ll ever want to own.

5. Camping Pour Over Set

Coffee makes the world go ‘round, and that holds true whether you’re at home or in the wilderness. The top part of this pour over set contains a reusable, metal filter that’s easy on the environment, and the base does double duty as a coffee pot and to-go mug. You’ll never be far from a good cup o’ joe!

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Project Highlight:

Trucking Along Towards Success with Dual-Purpose Kits


Services used for this project: Design, Fulfillment, Warehousing and Distribution

We’re a product design company that designs and manufactures custom products for brands all over the world. We partner with companies of all sizes to help them create products for their marketing and gifting needs.

We design products that serve a purpose, and when we sat down with to work on a new line of custom products for their brand, they presented us with the challenge of designing products that would serve two purposes.

Through our ideation process, we created 3 kit options that included different product selections based on whether it was being given to new hires as a “welcome to the company” gift, or to clients and sales prospects as a thank you gift. After narrowing down the product selection, we worked on creating designs that brought these items to life and worked as seamless extensions of the brand.

Once the items went into production, we had a new problem to solve – how would their sales team be able to order and send these out in a simple way? The solution was a streamlined webstore built to make the ordering process easy. This ensured that when a kit was ordered, it would contain the right product, size, and shipping address. Then, as soon as a kit was ordered, our Operations team would be notified and ship it out. This eliminated the need for’s team to store and send these out themselves, providing the best experience for both the sender and recipient.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with these 5 Fun Products

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with these 5 Fun Products


The weather is *finally* starting to stay warm, and that means summer cookouts, bonfires, lawn games, camping … this list doesn’t end! While companies tend to give their employees branded products that make them a more effective worker, we fully believe that if you have a thriving home life, you’ll have a thriving work life. By getting your team one (or more!) of these fun products, you prove that you don’t care only about their productivity, you care about their mental and physical health. So, what are you waiting for?? Check out this list and then go outside!

1. Popcorn Maker

When the sun starts to set, nothing finishes the day quite as perfectly as a family movie night, and no movie night is complete without popcorn! This popcorn maker makes creating this classic treat easy and it comes in a variety of fun colors.

2. Spikeball set

Spikeball is a great game suitable for all ages. Since it packs down into a handy drawstring bag, you can bring the competition anywhere, from your backyard to the local park to your favorite camping ground.

3. Chalk Spray Paint (washable) and Large Stencils

Bring out your inner artist with washable chalk spray paint and a customizable stencil! The chalk paint allows you to experience the joy of creating with chalk while eliminating the mess that it always makes of your hands. The stencil can be endlessly customized to bring any vision you have to life!

4. S’mores Kit

Nothing says summer quite like s’mores, but the best thing about this kit is that it’s portable, meaning that you can make these delicious treats all year! So what are you waiting for? We need chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows – STAT!

5. Scavenger Hunt Card Set

Getting fresh air is great, but sometimes you need a little inspiration for what to do once you make it to the great outdoors. Scavenger hunt card packs are the perfect solution to this problem. Each card contains a type of item that you can find outside for hours of endless outdoor fun.

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Bringing Home the Rockies

Bringing Home the Rockies

We’re a product design company that designs and manufactures custom products for brands all over the world. We partner with companies of all sizes to help them create products for their marketing and gifting needs.

Every year, the Boise Ad Federation holds the Rockies, an award ceremony that celebrates achievements in art and design done by companies and individual creatives in the Treasure Valley. Winners can win a Bronze, Silver, or Gold award for each category, and categories include everything from printed campaigns to video content.

We love doing great work for our clients, regardless of whether we win awards or not, but when these amazing projects do win awards, it’s the icing on the cake! This year, our projects for these companies located in Idaho won 2 gold awards and 3 silver awards. Keep scrolling to see some snapshots of these fun projects!

Gold & Silver Award: Mill 95

Project: “We’re Here for the Hops” Sales Collateral (gold) and Illustrated Poster (silver)

As a hop producer, Mill 95 plays a crucial role that many are unaware of outside of the industry. To help with this, they wanted to design a set of branded print pieces that would create brand awareness and be cool enough to be kept around after the job of educating the consumer was done.

This is why we created a poster that illustrates (literally) the process of producing hops. From receiving the bales from the farm to distributing them to craft brewers, the poster encapsulated the important pieces of the process in a way that many breweries would display as a cool poster. This piece truly shows Mill 95’s expertise and authority in their field.

Gold Award: 44 North Vodka

Project: Seasonal Point of Purchase Merchandise

44 North Vodka needed a series of custom products to promote their Idaho-grown vodka to consumers during the upcoming winter. These product giveaways consisted of snowboards, shot skis, neck gaiters, and beanies. An on-brand, winter-themed design delivered an aesthetic that created desirability while also conveying that 44 North Vodka is an Idaho-grown company that produces its vodka right here in Idaho.

Silver Award: Micron

Project: Employee Holiday Online Store

What’s the most efficient way to give your employees a holiday gift? Well, when you’re a global company with thousands of employees, the answer is an online store! This store allowed Micron to easily and efficiently give their employees access to a selection of awesome products that would be delivered straight to their door.

Silver Award: J.R. Simplot

Project: Avocado Week Kit

Every year Simplot celebrates “Avocado Week” where the sales staff does a big push to sell all of their avocado products. To help motivate and inspire their sales team, we teamed up with Simplot to create an avocado themed product kit. The kit included an avocado shaped notepad and branded pen, an embroidered hat, custom card deck, and an avocado themed box to package all of the items.

Transitioning Back to Office Life

Transitioning Back to Office Life


For many of us, working from home has been our reality much longer than we ever anticipated. With that, we’ve developed new rhythms and routines that don’t include an office, a commute, or our coworkers. However, now that companies around the world are beginning to move their workforce back to the office, we all have the great challenge of transitioning back–but that doesn’t mean we have to leave all of our work from home perks behind. Check out the list of products below for some great ideas on how to help your team transition back to the office with maximum success.

1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

We all love being able to control the noise level of our environment, whether that’s complete silence or some fun music. With these headphones, you can tune everyone out while tuning into your focused workflow.

2. Slippers

After nearly a year of fuzzy socks and blankets, working from the office can feel a little … chilly! Keep your feet warm and cozy up with these stylish slippers perfect for the workplace.

3. Desk Plant

It always helps to have a little nature within reach, and a desk plant is the perfect way to do this. Air plants are low maintenance and require very little watering, making them the perfect desk companion.

4. Planner

Now that we’re all back to juggling multiple responsibilities with school, work, and vacations, the right planner makes tracking all of these dates easy! Plus, we can customize your journal with dates, reminders, or quotes perfect for your team.

5. Zen Stacking Stones

We all need a break sometimes! Relax your mind with these fun stacking stones that also help build your focus. That’s what we call a win-win!

To order any of these products for your team, contact us at (208) 996-0906. Need more product inspiration? Check out our last new product blog post with more ideas for you to look through.

Project Highlight: Champions Gym Pitch Kit

Championing a Successful Sales Pitch

Client: Sony Pictures Television

Services used for this project: Ideation, Creative Design, Fulfillment and Warehousing

We’re a product design company that designs and manufactures custom products for brands all over the world. We partner with companies of all sizes to help them create products for their marketing and gifting needs.

Pitching an idea for a new TV show is a daunting, pressure-filled task. It requires you to be able to cast vision for the show and also sell the idea that a particular network should invest money into making the vision a reality. So, what do you use to tell the story? A pitch kit, which is exactly what we built for the sales team at Sony Pictures Television to pitch the idea for their new show, Champions Gym.

The show was a comedy in the same vein as The Office, but with a fitness twist. As this was being pitched to various network executives, we had to create a kit of products that would relate to the fun spirit show and be usable beyond the presentation. The final kit included practical items like a gym towel, spandex shorts, workout tank, pen, fanny pack, water bottle and wrist weights, as well as items that played into the comedic nature of the show like a medal, a mint tin with a steroids-parody label, sticker, and temporary tattoos. A video brochure was included so the recipient could watch a fun clip about the show any time before or after the pitch. All of the items went inside a custom box with a magnetic enclosure. Funny gym photos were laid out across the inside of the box to help illustrate what the show is about.

After the boxes were done, we shipped them internationally, making sure to get them to Sony’s sales associates in time for their meeting. As these meetings were held virtually due to the pandemic, our final touch for their presentation was creating custom Zoom backgrounds. From creating product to building custom graphics, we provided support to Sony’s team at every level.

Spring Forward into a Summer Filled with Fun

Spring Forward into a Summer Filled with Fun


As the chill in the air subsides and brings warmer days, we’re all thinking about the good times ahead. Whether that means putting together a fun outing for your team or running an initiative to encourage your employees to be more green, you’re going to need some branded products! And if you’re in need of some inspiration, like we all are from time to time, then check out the list below.

1. Hydroponic Garden

Within this small pod is everything you need to start growing your own herbs hydroponically. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or completely new to growing things, this product will be a welcome addition to your home.

2. Reusable Produce bags

Have you ever gotten home from the grocery store and been shocked to see how much plastic and packaging is used on even the smallest piece of fruit? These reusable produce bags are the perfect solution to help cut down on waste. Made of a soft cotton, they’re easy to stash away but are also strong enough to hold over 6 lbs of potatoes!

3. Hammock

Relaxing anywhere is only 2 trees away with a hammock! Lightweight and packable, you can truly bring this product with you anywhere you go whether that’s high in the mountains or right in your backyard.

4. Cold Brew Maker

Warm days mean cold coffee! And if you’re looking for a nearly foolproof way to make great coffee from home, this cold brew maker is perfect. Plus, it comes in multiple sizes, so you can get one for the workplace, as well as your home office.

5. Picnic Basket

Upgrade your next trip to the park with this picnic basket. Whether your meeting with clients or treating your team to a day out, this basket has all of the space you need and includes a cutting board, silverware, and a wine opener.

To order any of these products for your team, contact us at (208) 996-0906. Need more product inspiration? Check out our last new product blog post with more ideas for you to look through.

Project Highlight: Simplot Avocado Week

The Freshest Avocados on the Block

Client: J.R. Simplot Company

Services used for this project: Creative Design and Warehousing

We’re a product design company that designs and manufactures custom products for brands all over the world. We partner with companies of all sizes to help them create products for their marketing and gifting needs.

Every year, Simplot celebrates “Avocado Week.” This week-long event is a time where their sales staff pushes their best-selling and new avocado products. To help motivate and inspire their team members during the event, Simplot wanted to create a kit of products that their people would utilize during the week.

We collaborated with Simplot to create an out-of-this-world avocado illustration that embraced the fun spirit of the event. The branded products included an avocado-shaped notepad, a branded pen, an embroidered hat, a custom card deck, and an avocado-themed box to package the items.

This kit was a fun, creative gift for their internal team, and the high quality of the items ensured their use well after the event was over.

5 Products You Need for your Next New Hire

5 Products You Need for your Next New Hire


A new hire, whether it’s someone right out of college or a seasoned career pro, means that a lot of decisions have to be made. You want to make sure that you do everything in your power to make sure they start off their first day on the right foot.

Well, that’s where we come in! We know exactly what products you should get for your new hires to kill it on their first day! From a branded sweatshirt to keep them warm or a smart notebook that can easily transfer their notes to the computer, these products make it easier for them to focus on what matters in their new role.

1. Portable Charger

For better or worse, technology is a necessary part of just about every job. This portable charger has all of the cables you need in one place! Now you have access to power for all of your devices wherever you go, even if that’s just your couch. (We see you, WFH peeps!)

2. Smart notebook + Pen

Have you ever had a favorite notebook that you wish you could use forever? Well, now that dream is a reality! The Rocketbook notebook has pages made of a special material that allows you to write on them, scan those notes into your favorite app using your mobile device, and then fully erase the page with a damp cloth. Environmentally friendly and futuristic? We’re sold!

3. Cotopaxi Backpack

With one-of-a-kind colorways, Cotopaxi backpacks are the next bag your collection needs. Each bag in their Del Día line is hand assembled with unique color combinations that flow from the creativity of the worker who builds them. In a world filled with uniformity, Cotopaxi shows that you can break the mold and still stay on-brand.

4. Champion Reverse Weave Sweatshirt

The Reverse Weave Collection by Champion is a nearly century-old line made of fabric that is cut on the cross-grain. This means that the garments in this line don’t shrink vertically and stay true to length. With special details like double-stitched seams and mobility panels, these garments are pieces that combine style and comfort, lasting for years to come.

5. Phone stand

How many times have you tried to prop up your phone while doing something, and it immediately falls over? That frustration is eliminated with this sleek phone stand. From video chatting to turning off your alarm in the morning, this stand makes accessing your mobile device easy!

To order any of these products for your team, contact us at (208) 996-0906. Need more product inspiration? Check out our last new product blog post with more ideas for you to look through.

Project Highlight: Utah State University Graduation Kit

Celebrate Good Times … At Home!

Client: Utah State University

Services used for this project: Creative Design, Manufacturing, Shipping, Fulfillment, and Distribution

We’re a product design company that designs and manufactures custom products for brands all over the world. We partner with companies of all sizes to help them create products for their marketing and gifting needs.

In 2020, colleges and universities had to figure out how to educate students remotely. With in-person ceremonies cancelled, the staff at these institutions had to figure out a way to make their students feel celebrated from a distance. Our solution to this problem was a graduation in a box.

Utah State University (USU) came to us looking for a completely custom graduation kit to send to their students. We worked with them to develop a series of products that included a pop socket, license plate cover, sticker set, and more. Each item was fully branded to match USU’s colors and featured unique illustrations. They also included hashtags on a few items to encourage students to share photos of their kit and thoughts about the experience on social media.

Once all the pieces were selected, our logistics team took care of receiving the items, packing them into kits, and shipping them to the students’ doors, so USU’s staff didn’t have to worry about a single thing.

These photos were shared on Instagram using the hashtag #USUGrad2020.

What was the outcome of this initiative? Check out the following testimonial about these kits from our client:

The graduation kits have been so well received by our graduates, and they are often referenced by administrators as the type of effort that we should all be aspiring to as we strive to reassure our students that their experiences matter to USU.

The quality was excellent, and your guidance to ensure we selected meaningful gifts was invaluable. I really appreciated your advice and willingness to work within our budget constraints while still producing a quality product. And when our timing was tight, you found solutions that met our deadlines.

During a time of so much uncertainty and confusion, it was wonderful to have a reliable partner. I always knew that I could count on you to respond and give honest feedback.

I continue to receive positive feedback from graduates, their parents, and the campus community. I’ve even had some current senior students and their parents indicate they might prefer a graduate kit to a traditional commencement.


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