April 21, 2021 Namebrand

Transitioning Back to Office Life


For many of us, working from home has been our reality much longer than we ever anticipated. With that, we’ve developed new rhythms and routines that don’t include an office, a commute, or our coworkers. However, now that companies around the world are beginning to move their workforce back to the office, we all have the great challenge of transitioning back–but that doesn’t mean we have to leave all of our work from home perks behind. Check out the list of products below for some great ideas on how to help your team transition back to the office with maximum success.

1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

We all love being able to control the noise level of our environment, whether that’s complete silence or some fun music. With these headphones, you can tune everyone out while tuning into your focused workflow.

2. Slippers

After nearly a year of fuzzy socks and blankets, working from the office can feel a little … chilly! Keep your feet warm and cozy up with these stylish slippers perfect for the workplace.

3. Desk Plant

It always helps to have a little nature within reach, and a desk plant is the perfect way to do this. Air plants are low maintenance and require very little watering, making them the perfect desk companion.

4. Planner

Now that we’re all back to juggling multiple responsibilities with school, work, and vacations, the right planner makes tracking all of these dates easy! Plus, we can customize your journal with dates, reminders, or quotes perfect for your team.

5. Zen Stacking Stones

We all need a break sometimes! Relax your mind with these fun stacking stones that also help build your focus. That’s what we call a win-win!

To order any of these products for your team, contact us at (208) 996-0906. Need more product inspiration? Check out our last new product blog post with more ideas for you to look through.

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