April 1, 2021 Namebrand

Championing a Successful Sales Pitch

Client: Sony Pictures Television

Services used for this project: Ideation, Creative Design, Fulfillment and Warehousing

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Pitching an idea for a new TV show is a daunting, pressure-filled task. It requires you to be able to cast vision for the show and also sell the idea that a particular network should invest money into making the vision a reality. So, what do you use to tell the story? A pitch kit, which is exactly what we built for the sales team at Sony Pictures Television to pitch the idea for their new show, Champions Gym.

The show was a comedy in the same vein as The Office, but with a fitness twist. As this was being pitched to various network executives, we had to create a kit of products that would relate to the fun spirit show and be usable beyond the presentation. The final kit included practical items like a gym towel, spandex shorts, workout tank, pen, fanny pack, water bottle and wrist weights, as well as items that played into the comedic nature of the show like a medal, a mint tin with a steroids-parody label, sticker, and temporary tattoos. A video brochure was included so the recipient could watch a fun clip about the show any time before or after the pitch. All of the items went inside a custom box with a magnetic enclosure. Funny gym photos were laid out across the inside of the box to help illustrate what the show is about.

After the boxes were done, we shipped them internationally, making sure to get them to Sony’s sales associates in time for their meeting. As these meetings were held virtually due to the pandemic, our final touch for their presentation was creating custom Zoom backgrounds. From creating product to building custom graphics, we provided support to Sony’s team at every level.

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