March 1, 2021 Namebrand

The Freshest Avocados on the Block

Client: J.R. Simplot Company

Services used for this project: Creative Design and Warehousing

We’re a product design company that designs and manufactures custom products for brands all over the world. We partner with companies of all sizes to help them create products for their marketing and gifting needs.

Every year, Simplot celebrates “Avocado Week.” This week-long event is a time where their sales staff pushes their best-selling and new avocado products. To help motivate and inspire their team members during the event, Simplot wanted to create a kit of products that their people would utilize during the week.

We collaborated with Simplot to create an out-of-this-world avocado illustration that embraced the fun spirit of the event. The branded products included an avocado-shaped notepad, a branded pen, an embroidered hat, a custom card deck, and an avocado-themed box to package the items.

This kit was a fun, creative gift for their internal team, and the high quality of the items ensured their use well after the event was over.

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