February 22, 2021 Namebrand

5 Products You Need for your Next New Hire


A new hire, whether it’s someone right out of college or a seasoned career pro, means that a lot of decisions have to be made. You want to make sure that you do everything in your power to make sure they start off their first day on the right foot.

Well, that’s where we come in! We know exactly what products you should get for your new hires to kill it on their first day! From a branded sweatshirt to keep them warm or a smart notebook that can easily transfer their notes to the computer, these products make it easier for them to focus on what matters in their new role.

1. Portable Charger

For better or worse, technology is a necessary part of just about every job. This portable charger has all of the cables you need in one place! Now you have access to power for all of your devices wherever you go, even if that’s just your couch. (We see you, WFH peeps!)

2. Smart notebook + Pen

Have you ever had a favorite notebook that you wish you could use forever? Well, now that dream is a reality! The Rocketbook notebook has pages made of a special material that allows you to write on them, scan those notes into your favorite app using your mobile device, and then fully erase the page with a damp cloth. Environmentally friendly and futuristic? We’re sold!

3. Cotopaxi Backpack

With one-of-a-kind colorways, Cotopaxi backpacks are the next bag your collection needs. Each bag in their Del Día line is hand assembled with unique color combinations that flow from the creativity of the worker who builds them. In a world filled with uniformity, Cotopaxi shows that you can break the mold and still stay on-brand.

4. Champion Reverse Weave Sweatshirt

The Reverse Weave Collection by Champion is a nearly century-old line made of fabric that is cut on the cross-grain. This means that the garments in this line don’t shrink vertically and stay true to length. With special details like double-stitched seams and mobility panels, these garments are pieces that combine style and comfort, lasting for years to come.

5. Phone stand

How many times have you tried to prop up your phone while doing something, and it immediately falls over? That frustration is eliminated with this sleek phone stand. From video chatting to turning off your alarm in the morning, this stand makes accessing your mobile device easy!

To order any of these products for your team, contact us at (208) 996-0906. Need more product inspiration? Check out our last new product blog post with more ideas for you to look through.

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