January 11, 2021 Namebrand

A Throwback to the Classics

Client: Sony Pictures Television

Services used for this project: Ideation, Creative Design, Shipping, and Fulfillment

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Sony wanted to celebrate their classic shows from the last few decades in a premium gift that would go to their VIPs. The challenge was finding a way to bring these shows together in a cohesive way through design and product selection. Though each show was released in a different era, we united them using a “throwback” theme and pitched a kit that included 90’s-themed candy, a RetroViewer with reels, and a decorated box. These items gave recipients strong feelings of nostalgia while also highlighting the shows that were featured.

After the items were chosen, our team began design the box, RetroViewer, and reels using their assets. The challenge was taking these already-designed pieces and merging them into a new format. By doing our research and understanding the needs of the client, we gave them a kit that blew their socks off. The box and reels featured images from the shows, so the recipients felt completely immersed in the experience of these classic titles.

These kits impressed the sales and marketing staff to a degree that had not been done before. Our client raved about how well-received the gifts were and how well it made them look to other departments at Sony. In the past, these teams have been disappointed with the quality their vendors have provided them. In comparison, the quality of our kit stood out so much that they decided to partner with us more in the future. We love when we’re able to make our clients look good.

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