December 1, 2020 Namebrand

Bringing Home the Fries

Client: J.R. Simplot Company

Services used for this project: Creative Design, Product Sourcing, Shipping, and Fulfillment

We take a creative approach with solving problems for brands looking to grow. From individual products to full campaigns, we specialize in developing unique solutions to fit our client’s needs.

Every year, Simplot hosts a fall harvest festival for their clients. In the past, they would fly everyone in and give them tours of the factories. However, to keep their employees and clients safe, Simplot opted to make this year’s festival a virtual experience.

We partnered with Simplot to create a gift that would be sent to each attendee. This gift would take the “process of the potato” and recreate it visually through illustration and typography. While Simplot provided all the information about how their factory works, our creative team was responsible for turning it into a graphic that was fun to look at. So, our creative team got to work by researching this complex process and distilling it into unique parts.

Our goal was to make it fun and informational; something that those attending would understand and display. With McDonald’s being one of the largest customers attending this virtual experience, we gave the artwork a nod towards their brand using red and gold throughout the pieces.

Once the graphic was approved, we applied it thoughtfully to a journal, tumbler, and hat. The entire kit was packaged in a branded, padded mailer. With our expertise in fulfillment and shipping, we were able to handle this project internally from start to finish.

By partnering with us, Simplot made their event fun and memorable despite it being held virtually. With our creative services, they were able to create something unique to send out that their attendees can keep and use for years to come–always thinking of the Simplot brand when they see them. This year, Simplot really did ‘bring home the fries’ in a major way.

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