November 11, 2020 Namebrand

A Different Approach to Sending Gifts

Client: Clearwater Analytics

Services used for this project: Product Sourcing, Webstore Creation & Management, Shipping, and Fulfillment

We take a creative approach with solving problems for brands looking to grow. From individual products to full campaigns, we specialize in developing unique solutions to fit our client’s needs.

Clearwater Analytics wanted to send out a gift to their employees to show their appreciation for their hard work and dedication during this difficult year.

When they approached us with the project, they were looking for a way to simplify the process of getting these gifts into their employees’ hands–a more difficult task than usual with everyone working remotely. These types of giveaways tend to put a lot of pressure on the client, as they have to make sure they collect each employee’s information, submit it to the vendor, and then cross their fingers, hoping each person gets what they actually wanted.

To solve their problem, we built an online store that completely transformed the gift-giving process. Each employee simply visited the store, selected their gift, and entered in their own size and mailing information. This removed all of burden from the Clearwater team. Instead of the intense process described above, the store ensured that the employee picked exactly what they wanted and where they wanted it to go. All the information was captured and attached to the order, so it was guaranteed to be correct and eliminated the complicated process of collecting it all by hand.

After simplifying the ordering process, we turned our attention to shipping and fulfillment. With employees located around the world, we had to consider the most effective shipping method for Clearwater’s budget and timeline. Would it be better to keep things separated and send each box individually? Or should we consider a bulk shipment to each international Clearwater location and have the location distribute the individual shipments? We ultimately decided the most cost-effective route was shipping bulk. We helped streamline that process as much as possible by making sure each individual package had the necessary information on it for the recipient of the bulk shipment to easily distribute it.

In previous years, Clearwater handled this project internally, which put a lot of stress on their internal team. This involved ordering the product, waiting for it to arrive, then spreading out everything on the floor of their gymnasium and hand-assembling hundreds of boxes to send out. By letting us handle the ideation, creative, and logistics of the project, we were able to take all of the burden off their team while improving on the product quality and creativity. Now all their team has to do is sit back, relax, and wait for the boxes to arrive at their doorsteps!

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