August 20, 2019 Namebrand

The Quality of Your Promo Should Match the Quality of Your Business

What is the best pen or journal book you’ve ever had? Take a moment and think. If it made an impact, we’ll bet you kept it for a long time, and if it was a promo item, you undoubtedly remember the company that gave it to you, too. Promo pens and journal can be highly memorable, but most are quite forgettable. If you’re going to spend money on branded materials, they’d better make an impact beyond the initial excitement of receiving it.

So, how do you make a statement with pens and notebooks — two of the most common types of promo items? First, it takes a realization that no one wants a crappy item, even if it is given to them for free. Second, consider that the quality journals and pens you buy from the store are within your reach and your budget. And all this becomes possible when you partner with a company that understands the difference between mundane leave-behinds and cherished takeaways.


Thoughtful Page Layouts & Cover Decorations

When you open a promo journal, what do you expect? Do the words “bare minimum” come to mind? While there is a time and place for simplicity, it should be done purposefully. Does a simple, lined page work? Or would a custom journal with multiple page layouts work better?

And don’t forget the cover! First impressions are so powerful, and the cover of your journal can communicate the strength and uniqueness of your brand in ways you never thought possible, eliciting a double take when someone sees it sitting on a desk or a board room table.

Custom Packaging

A snazzy journal is a great promo piece on its own, but when it’s enclosed in a gorgeous box or with a custom belly band, it becomes so much more. It’s a stunning, attention-grabbing reminder that the recipient’s experience matters—and that your organization appreciates quality.


A Custom Pen from Tip to End

The term “custom pen” should mean more than slapping your company’s name on the barrel. However, for most promo companies, it rarely does. The quality of a custom pen comes from a comfortable grip, good ink delivery, and a unique shape. Imagine if your company’s custom pen had all of these things, with your branding woven into the details.

Take a moment and think about a pen with your logo molded into the grip; a re-imagined ink-delivery system that makes the pen a joy to use; a PMS-matched barrel in a color that is specific to your shade of blue, or green, or orange.

High End, Low Cost

Pens that exude a high cost feel with a low-cost price are exactly what your brand and budget desire. When your company’s pens are high-value giveaways, they warrant long-term use and a consistent position on your recipient’s desk, instead of a place at the bottom of a garbage can.

Name Brand Promotions: A Better Model for Custom Journals and Pens

Part of what makes us unique is our vast experience and understanding of how companies can order reasonable quantities of fully customized pens and journals at the same price as off-the-shelf commodity products. We’ve done our homework about top-grade materials and high-quality products, so you don’t have to.

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