July 22, 2019 Namebrand

Here’s what Name Brand does to guarantee the best promo drinkware for your specific needs:

Built-In Design Studio Services for Free

Gone are the days of juggling long and confusing email exchanges between you, your company’s graphic designer, and your promo vendor. A custom drinkware vendor that offers high-end in-house design knowledge and capabilities can create work-of-art drinkware, but with fewer middle men and man-hours, better communication, higher quality, and more cost-effectiveness.

Whether you’re looking for a clean, simple look or a wild scene filled with many colors and icons, in-house designers are the answer to whatever your question is.

As Much Customization as You Can Handle

There are lots of intriguing customization combinations to quench your thirst for gorgeous promo drinkware. The right mix can truly showcase what your company is all about. Custom options include:

  • PMS color matching
  • Full 360-degree wrap
  • Laser etching
  • Foil imprint
  • Lid and bottom imprint
  • Packaging

And it’s not just about your logo. Carefully selected placement of a tagline or vision statement phrase might just be thing that leaves people saying “wow.”

Obsession with Quality & Cost Savings

Most companies buy custom drinkware, but there’s a big difference between “custom” and “high-quality custom.” It all starts with the hardware itself. The best promo drinkware vendors work only with materials that last and impress. If the product doesn’t keep drinks really cold and/or really hot, why bother?

Several drinkware variables are important to consider, including:

  • Is it well-insulated? If it is, drinks will stay hot in the cold months and cold during the warm months.
  • Is it made of durable materials? If it is, your beverage marketing piece will be toted around town for years to come.
  • Is the lid easy to use? If it is, your travel mug will be a positive part of the consumer’s morning, instead of a frustrating hindrance.

You also might want to consider a vendor that understands optimal order sizes and production times. Most customers purchase drinkware multiple times per year, which costs more money in the long run. An experienced vendor knows the benefits of setting a higher order minimum with slightly longer production times, and of agreeing to store all of its customers’ large batches and then delivering free of charge as needed.

These tactics will deliver cost-saving custom drinkware that works really well and looks amazing. Your company will be the talk of the water cooler.

Name Brand Promotions: A Unique Model for Custom Drinkware

Free design studio services; vast customization options; and a unique, experience-driven model uniquely enable Name Brand Promotions to accommodate your company’s need for stunning impact and excellent ROI from your drinkware orders.

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